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Our company's central goal is to assist in establishing innovative models of business collaboration and business processes allowing to achieve a maximum synergetic effect in the relationships between international business partners.

The company has vast experience in implementing various models of the strategic development of international businesses; we develop and offer new services in order to optimise business processes by applying a complex approach to problem solving and facilitate international cooperation.

All of the above helps our clients to develop their business in a highly efficient manner. Our experience in the field allows us to develop and implement innovative complex solutions for various problems and to adapt them to different clients' needs.

COMFORTAGIO - is your reliable partner in the business world

OUR MISSION is to offer the client our best innovative ideas and ways of their practical implementation for the promotion and development of their international businesses.

OUR SUCCESS FORMULA is expertise, strategic thinking, the ability to implement business ideas in international businesses and integrate them into our clients' businesses. COMFORTAGIO's services are optimal, reliable, and advantageous. The company offers its solutions worldwide.

Our main activities

Assistance in delivering high-tech sports equipment for high-achievement sports, car, motorcycle, and plane parts.
Implementation of innovative technologies in cooperation with high-tech bicycle producers for professional teams.
Delivery of raw materials and other materials essential for metal processing.

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